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The Magical place

Where Chocolate Comes to Life.

While making your great Chocolate Treats check out our lovely home-made goodies to eat.



Pot of English Tea  £1.50

Coke  Regular – Diet  95p

Earl Grey Tea         £1.50

Sprit                            95p

Herbal Tea             £1.50

Fanta                          95p

Cappuccino           £2.25

Bottled Water              95p

Latte                      £2.25

Squash                      40p

Americano              £2.25

Jug of Squash        £1.50    



Kandy Delicious Milkshakes


Made with fine ice cream, milk and add the famous Monin premium syrups.

 Choose from

Strawberry, bubble gum, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Irish Cream, Mint, Caramel,




Waffle Pops

No1: £4.99

No 2 x 6 bits £4.99

No 3 £1.50 Each

No 4 £2.50

No 5 x 6 Bits £4.99

No 6 £2.50

Decorate your own delicious waffles

Light Bites Menu


Delicious Freshly Grilled Panini’s served with Cesar salad Crips & Mayo .

Choose from

• Tuna & Cheese

• Ham & Tomatoes

• Cheese & Onion




Mouth watering toasted crumpets

or Tea cakes with butter and jam.

Winter Warming Soup with

Roll £3.95



Tea or Coffee, Bite Size Cakes

& Truffle Making £15.00



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Based in Burton's recently refurbished Victorian Market Hall, we offer chocolate making experiences for all ages & abilities. So what is The Kandy Factory? It's a place where you can have loads of fun making chocolatey things.



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1st Floor Market Hall,

Burton on Trent, DE14 1HA

Phone: +44 1283 517652