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We Love To Create Beautiful memories

Eat, Drink, Make and Play in a Chocolate making wonderland.

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Here at The Kandy Factory Burton-On-Trent

You & Your Children can make creations from chocolate like our beautiful chocolate castle, lolly pops, lego, truffles, houses, shoes and many other things.

Come and join our guided child friendly experiences and take everything you make home.

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Take a seat and enjoy creating beautiful memories.

Here is a quick little video to help you see what and where we are.

lot more videos can be found via our Facebook page, If you have any questions please feel free to come and chat with us on Facebook.

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It's all about the chocolate, but not all about the play. you can relax, eat, drink and make along with the kids.


Want to know how much it all costs?

take a look at what's up and coming at the kandy factory

You can see here what is up and coming here at the Kandy Factory, We regularly post news and events here.

Please come and join us on our Facebook page where we post all of our news first. that way you can jump the cues before we get booked up.



Belguim chocolate



chocolate messy



chocolate memories



chocolet funtastic

Say Hello To Our Friendly Team

We pride ourselves on how wonderful our team is, they are help to help make amazing gifts, treats and towers from our gorgeous Belgium Chocolate. they will also help you clean up the kids after.


Founder & Chocolate master crafts person

Assistant Manager & Chocoholic

Team member and the greatest coffee maker in the world.

Party Team Member and Fondant icing eater "Watch this one"

As the owner and founder of the Kandy Factory Burton, Diane is always on hand to help build your special day.

Kyra really knows a lot about building creative objects from chocolate & helping you have a great time.

Place in the back of the factory Stephanie must have a magic wand when making milk shakes.

Really loves to take her time with the little ones and make sure they get the best out of their time with us.


Team member & Choco maniac

Team member & and the only one who can colour in-between the lines.

Team member and sweetie eater,

If you need to know how to get Chocolate from your clothes?

Mollie is great with all the children and amazing at helping them to build great works of art.

looking for an idea on what wrap your hand made gifts in?

Ask Rhiannon.

Table host and party magician,

making each party she guides some of the most rewarding times.

A true Panini Machine,

He has the magic touch when it comes to making you a great snack.

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